AFS Software B.V. has been producing innovative software since 2013. In the early days we have realized that many in medium and large companies still have need a complete package of managing their stores, selling products and have contact with the customers.
We have decided to develope a suitability softwware, provides secure, flexible working and fulfilling its mission/goals (inventory - Web Shop - CRM).
AFS Software offers a software package to suit medium and large businesses that enabling you to deliver the flexibility your users want quicker, at lower cost and with the lower risk.
We would like to support your organization with our thourough knowledge and affinity with technical design and programming. We will provide a great service to further professionalize your trade organization.


Here's an impression of AFS Software B.V. expertise, perhaps, your organization can benefit from our services by hiring us on an hourly or project based work.
AFS Software B.V. is a software company that focused on software development, software consulting and software implementation. Moreover, we providing customization for both medium and large organizations and companies.
AFS Software offers services in the field of Intelligence system, Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relation Management (CRM), software implementations (financial-, industry software, websites, web shops), database, and application management. We develop software based on Mulit-platform using ASP .Net Core.

Core product principles:

  1. Software solid and easy to configure
  2. Work closely with the users to design software
  3. Demonstrate the value of the software with expert help
Have your journey to the next generation software, by using our software.